Welcome to Rooftech Roofing Solutions

Rooftech roofing solutions are a fully licensed roofing contractor based in Sydney. We are specialists in most forms of roofing and have experienced employees with over 30 years on the job training.

Working with a broad spectrum of private, public and commercial clients, we undertake everything from minor roof repairs  to entire commercial roof installations.

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We have the pleasure in using Ian from Rooftech Roofing Solutions for our Strata maintenance & roofing works, he is very professional & provides us with an excellent service.
Trisha, Strata Manager
In all my involvement with Ian, I have found that he has a deep understanding of a variety of roof structures and latent problems.
Malcolm Verman, Hammer & Tongs
Ian’s services at Rooftech Roofing Solutions have always been second to none. He always attends to his duties very promptly and efficiently.
Malcolm Verman, Hammer & Tongs
Ian Walton is my go to guy for our slate roof. Ian is passionate about his work, extremely reliable, offers friendly service and above all else gets the job done efficiently, promptly and professionally.  Ian’s always available when I need him.  For a highly specialised profession Ian’s fees are very reasonable.  I highly recommend him.
Carly D, Residential customer
I can’t recommend Ian highly enough, as well as caution other owners to be wary of supposedly “expert” reports that appear to me to be nothing but cash grabs. Ian is a true gentleman and one of the rare people who still believes in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.
Lisa Mercer,